About Us

Inventing is just a part of life for Rich Blackmore, as natural as breathing. He acknowledges it as a gift he was given. Always fascinated with how things were put together, and what made them go. As a boy he experimented with the natural forces of fire, wind, water and gravity and tried to solve the puzzle of perpetual motion.

At seventeen he started work as a foreman of a post crew in Alberta. He invented tools and remodeled machines to work more efficiently and within a few years he had revamped the whole set up and he and his crew had doubled their production.

A few years later inspired by Rich he and his brothers who had always been his strong supporters and willing partners, joined together to for a family business, B-Boys Specialty Products, LTD. Rich had invented and was developing a new form of erosion control. Without first obtaining a patent they began marketing and installing the product. The idea was soon stolen and Rich learned the hard way the treachery of the business world. The brothers worked hard doing a little of everything. Rich and a younger brother Thomas, loved working with wood to create beautiful things. And everything they did was stamped with quality and excellence. Rich invented a machine that carved a ball on the top end of a fence post. The brothers did a lot of fencing and construction. Working together as a family and combining their talents they were able to create, custom log homes second to none. It was somewhere around 2002 the StumpStove™ idea had been born. Rich and his brothers were doing some piece logging removing old dead trees. Many of which were rotten and hollow at the base. Rich was working in the processing yard. It was minus thirty degrees and they had a fire going to keep warm.. Rich cut the hollowed end off a tree and rolled it over top the fire and stood it up. He was at once fascinated by the chimney effect and his inventive spirit was sparked. Throughout the day he continued studying the stump and was amazed to note how much longer a log would last when burning from the inside out. Everyday while finishing the job he continued burning those hollowed stumps, experimenting with sizes and lengths. One day he could find no trees with a rotten hollowed stump, so Rich took his chainsaw and a log about two feet long and hollowed out the centre. Next he cut air vents, it worked and Rich had created his very first StumpStove™. Soon they had them burning at every job and found they were ideal. Rich continued experimenting with design and soon had developed the perfect StumpStove™. Over the next few years they became a family tradition and were always in demand for campouts and back yard BBQs. In the spring of 2009 Rich found himself scrambling to meet the needs of his family. At the suggestion and encouragement of his friends & family, Rich decided to patent and market his StumpStove™. So with the help of his supporters and their much hard work Rich and his family are pleases to share with you and your family the StumpStove™. StumpStove™ International is Currently a family owned operation.

Richard Blackmore

Thomas Blackmore