The Internal Combustion Campfire™



Two similar StumpStove™ were ignited at the same time. The only difference is one was split like traditional firewood and one was left in the StumpStove™. In one hour the traditional firewood was nothing but a few charcoals, while the StumpStove™ was just hitting its prime.


A Stump Stove can easily be used in any weather, as long as it is stored upside down. With the kindling fins at the core of the log staying dry it will easily light with the included cedar shavings deep fried in bees wax. And with the V-grooves on top you can place pans, grillet, directly on your StumpStove™.


The unique design of the StumpStove™ enables the combustion of the wood to be on the inside of the log. This provides a natural insulator under and around the fire, the exterior to remain cool for hours. This design elevates the hot spot, enabling children to stand erect to their camp fire.

Environmentally Friendly

A StumpStove™ can burn up to 5 times longer than traditional cut firewood, and can be extinguished and reignited multiple times, emitting very little smoke. Thus conserving precious natural resources and reducing the atmospheric pollutants.